Biography of Urs Oskar Keller
  1985 -
Freelance Journalist and Photographer, with Communication Office and Public Relations.
Cooperation with many local and foreign newspapers, magazines and photographic agencies. General reporting. Concepts. Extensive photographic archive with 300 000 photos from Moscow to Seattle, Spitzbergen to Palermo.
2005 -
Study projects in Austria, England, Estland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy and Turkey.
2004-2005 In-house cultural and media creator with the Home and Studio Agency of Max Bill in Zumikon
2002-2003 Initiator, media agent and co-exhibitor of the "Death is not the end - how Christians, Jews and Muslims relate to their departed" exhibition, held in the Rosenberg Cemetery, Winterthur
2002 Author and publisher of the book "Adolf Dietrich - ein Künstlerleben am See" (Huber Verlag, Frauenfeld, 2002)
Initiator and curator of the exhibition "Adolf Dietrich - ein Künstlerleben am See" in Berlingen on Lake Constance
Founder of the Art Card Society "Edition Urs Oskar Keller & Bernadette Silvia Straessle"
Co-initiator of the exhibiiton "Hans Baumgartner - Photographer" in the Book Antiquariat and the Kaleidoskop Gallery, Zürich. Large display of this important Swiss photographer’s work and 200 vintage prints from my own collection
1999-2006 Co-founder, fundraiser and media coordinator for the Swiss Cultural Society "Musica Lirica", Frauenfeld
Member of Pro Litteris (Zürich), media organisation Comedia (Bern) and Museum Company Lindwurm (Stein am Rhein)
1996-2002 Manager of the Adolf Dietrich house and studio, belonging to the well-known Swiss painter Adolf Dietrich in Berlingen on Lake Constance
Lecturing in Switzerland and abroad, organising events, guided cultural walks and workshops, museum tours, cultural management
Idea, conceptualisation and implementation of exclusive Garden-Culture-Tours "Flanieren in fremden Gärten. Prominente der Euregio Bodensee zeigen ihre liebsten Flecken." Eine besondere Landpartie als Teil des Internationalen Bodensee-Festivals "Inspiration Landschaft 2001". Eight Garden-Culture-Tours with catering for around 500 guests from May to September 2001 in Untersee
1995 Resort manager with hospitality and purchasing duties at the Swiss Society for the Blind, (SZB), St. Gallen
1994 Co-autor "Kids. Deutschschweiz und Tessin mit Kindern. 872 Ausflüge für Ferien und Freizeit mit der Familie". Morges
1976-1991 Speech engagements in Florence, Paris, London, Juneau (USA) and Tampere (Finland)
1972-1984 Italian language course in Speech, Culture, Art and Geography in Italy, Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri, Florence (1976)
French language course in Speech, Literature and Culture in France, Alliance Française, Paris (1977)
Study as publisher’s book dealer, Paul Haupt AG, Bern (1978-1980)
English language course in Speech and Literature in England, West London Institute of Higher Education, London (1980)
Library assistant in the Town, Canton and University Library, Bern (1981)
Volunteer at KTOO Radio FM & TV in Juneau, Alaska, USA (1983)
English language course in Speech and American Literature, South Regional Resource Centre in Juneau, Alaska, USA (1983-1984) - and further training
1962-1972 Schooling in Kreuzlingen and Romanshorn
1955 Born on February 13th in Scherzingen on Lake Constance, Switzerland
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